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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rockport Weekend with Texas Lady Anglers

Jackie, Mrs. B, and I left about 1pm on Friday afternoon to Rockport for the Texas Lady Anglers weekend at the Retreat House. We had a seminar on Saturday with Captain Sally Moffitt and kayak fishing all day Sunday until 2pm.
We arrived about 4pm on Friday at the Retreat House. Only a few people were there--Jerico and Linda (our other room mate), shortly after we arrived Pat, Patty and Rochel arrived. Then everyone else sort of filtered in. Pat made the most delicious gumbo friday nite. I helped by chopping up 2 bunches of celery and peeling several pounds of shrimp. It was spicy but really good. We all just sat around and visited and got to know who everyone was. We had seen names on the message board but had not met many of the women. Many had homes in Rockport. There were 16 women there: Jo, Gretchen, Kathy, Jeannette, Jerico, Linda, Pat, Patty, Rachel, Betty, Canada, etc.
I was kind of disappointed in the seminar on Saturday but we had women of many different levels, some who had not fished much and some very experienced. Saturday afternoon we fished out back of the house in 2 large fresh water ponds and many people caught large mouth bass. My rod tip somehow got chipped and shredded my line so I didn't really fish in the pond much. Jackie did and caught several bass. I just visited and took some pictures. I was glad I bought to rod and reels so I could fish on Sunday. Jo grilled chickens on Saturday night and we dined like royalty again. Some of the ladies went to clubs Saturday night but Jackie, Mrs. B., and I were in bed, reading our books by 10.
We met at a donut shop in Rockport on Sunday morning and went to Brown and Root Flats with Captain Sally. Again, I was disappointed that they put all but 3 of us in tandems. Jackie and I rowed together. Captain Sally let us down a channel and when we got to the end, she explained the "lay of the land" and told us areas to fish. Jackie and I went into one of the lake areas and apparently most of everyone else followed Captain Sally. Five ladies caught fish--they were all with Captain Sally. They got into a school of bull reds apparently.
Then, we loaded up and went back to the Retreat House, showered, had some more of that delicious gumbo and were on our way by home. We go back about 7:45 and I cleaned my equiptment and watched a little TV and was in bed after the news--had to be at work the next day.
It was a fun weekend--even if I didn't catch any fish. It wasn't really about catching fish. It was nice to get to know the other ladies.


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