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Friday, March 11, 2005

Pat and I met Sara in Conroe for lunch

Daddy and Kitty came in yesterday, surprised everyone. Kitty had a root canal in Katy and since they were halfway here they decided to come for a visit. The stayed at Pat's. We visited last night. Jackie, Wendy, and Torian came over too. Daddy and Kitty left this morning at 10am then Pat and I drove to Conroe to meet Sara for lunch. The plan was to meet at the Texas Ranch House but found out it didn't open until 4pm so we went next door to Chili's.
Melanie called and said Jorge was too tired to trim the trees on Saturday. Gabriel has been waking up "early" at 9:30 every morning had since he doesn't get home until 5am he hasn't been getting enough sleep.
SO, Melanie and I are going to Livingston for the day tomorrow to bring back a few things--dishes, pots and pans, and fishing stuff.
I'm thinking about cleaning out the front flower bed this afternoon. Also, I guess I need to go but a chain saw to trim the trees.


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