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Monday, March 07, 2005

Oil changed in the truck

Bad storms today! Rained until 2:30 pm then suddenly cleared--Blue Skies. I was waiting for it to clear so I could get Eddie to help me get that refrigerator off my truck. It has been there since Saturday when we had to get it out of the utility room of the lake house. It was an extra refrigerator and we kept water and soft drinks in there. Last time we went to Livingston we noticed it went out--Nasty smells in the freezer section because all the frozen foods spoiled.
After we put the refrigerator on the curb for trash pick up, I went to get my oil changed. The guy said he didn't know if I needed my oil changed or just needed oil. He said it was very low. After that I went to the credit union and deposited $200 in my account, then went the Super Walmart to buy groceries. After I put up the freezer stuff, I went to Baytown Seafood and got some shrimp. It was supposed to be shrimp, oysters, and scallops but they messed up my order. Instead, they gave me shrimp, crawfishtails, and fish. Also, I noticed they were all wearing gloves but doing everything with the gloves on--like the the gloves were supposed to be protecting them instead of keeping things clean and sanitary.
Talked to Pat for a little while today. She still doesn't know what day this week we are going to Daddy's.
Wednesday is my birthday. I am going to get a digital camera like the one we gave Mel and Jorge for Christmas.
Eddie is working tonight. I half expected him to call in sick since his knee started hurting on Saturday in Livingston. There was no injury, it just started hurting. He got out of the truck when we first got there, was carrying an empty box and the know gave out on him.


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