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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Livingston yesterday

Yesterday, I went to the Lake House to bring back stuff. I packed all the pots and pans, silverware, tupperware, bathroom personal stuff, and fishing stuff. Melanie and Gabriel went with me. I also trimmed the crepe myrtles and bushes in the front yard. Gabriel "helped" me. He is so much easier to work with than Melanie was. With Melanie I did a little bit of work and a whole lot of chasing and coralling her, but Gabriel likes to play right beside me and doesn't wander off. I cut the long branches and handed some of them to him and he played the the sticks--hitting stuff with them--just like a boy. Then he noticed that I was holding bundles of sticks in my hand as I cut them and he wanted to hold bundles too. So I gave the bundles to him and he very carefully placed them here and there. Then we gathered all the sticks and piled them out of the way. Melanie was talking to Jorge on the cell phone while Gabriel was outside with me. He seems to enjoy "helping" me. I really needed to rake the leaves out of the mulched flowerbeds but Melanie was getting antsy to leave so I didn't.
Today, I was tempted to skip church but I didn't. Pat picked me up about 7:45am for orchestra practice and we made it on time. I never know where I'm going to sit but today, Amy had me sit on the floor level in front of her--that was a first. I liked it there but Terry is hardly ever absent and that is her place so I don't imagine I will sit there often.
Eddie went to Sunday School today and after Pat and family were going to celebrate Seth's birthday so Eddie and I went to Golden Choral.
When we got home, I changed clothes and trimmed the crepe myrtles in the front yard. Eddie tried hard to get me to do it another time but they are already budding and waiting will only make the job harder. I brought back a chain saw from Livingston yesterday that I forgot we had so it made the job much easier. Eddie picked up the branches using a handicap assistive aid so he didn't have to bend over to pick up the branches. I was up on the latter with a chain saw.
I don't know when I'll get the crepe myrtles in the back cut. I still need to cut the pentas in the front flower bed, too.


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