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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Lake House for Sale

I have been wanting to start a journal, not that my life is so interesting, but something permanent on paper to remember my days. I have an excellent long term memory but I can't remember what I did yesterday--usually. But today I remember yesterday. We put the Lake House up for sale with a realtor. I got unexpected emotional. I think it is probably the first time a realtor had someone cry in her office. I don't want to sell the place but Eddie does. We've had it FOR SALE by OWNER since last October with just a sign in the yard--no other advertising. I was probably just stalling for time. I'd like to have it one more summer--the fourth summer to have it. I think it will sell pretty quickly, though.
It is a lazy Sunday afternoon, the first weekend of Spring Break. I had two invitations for this weekend that I had to pass up--one, to go to Harrah's in Missippii with Jackie and Howard, and the second, to go Kayaking with Timmy. Either would have been more fun. I hope I get to go fishing at least once during spring break but the weather is not lookin' to good. The best bet will be on Wednesday. It will be cool but at least it is not supposed to rain.



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