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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Catch up since Easter

Before Easter:
Maureen and Chuck arrived about 3:30pm on Friday. We went to Baytown Seafood to eat. Then, we watched TV and sat around.
Saturday, I went to Robertson's to buy Butterfly Weed. I bought 16 plants in 3"pots before they got there. Maureen and I went to the Dollar Store to buy little Easter basket gifts for Gabriel. Melanie and Jorge came over with Gabriel about 1:30pm. Gabriel loves to play outside and we walked up and down the street and pushed him on his tricycle. Then we brought out the sidewalk chalk and he thought that was the cat's meow. He really enjoyed scribbling on the sidewalk. We went to Golden Choral to eat about 5:30pm. Gabriel behaved himself in the restaurant for once and really liked the tilapia and french fries. Pat and Mark, Sare and Joseph came over after we ate. Melanie made a pineapple upside down cake for Chuck's birthday on Wednesday and we had cake and ice cream. Since we would not see him on Easter, I gave Gabriel his little gifts. Melanie and Jorge were supposed to celebrate Easter at Bay Area Park with Jorge's extended family.
Sunday, was spent in church. Since I am in the orchestra, Pat and I had to be at the church at 6:45 am for early practice and played in the 7:30, 9, and 10:30 services. We left after the music in the early service and had breakfast in the orchestra room before the 9am service. We went home to eat after church--sandwiches, then we all took naps. I had to be back at church at 5pm for the evening service.
Monday, I was off. We went to breakfast about 10am--late start and Chuck and Maureen packed up and left about 11:30am. I could have gone fishing or something but I stupidly made a doctor's appointment in the middle of the afternoon 1pm with doctor Muayad. It was a follow up for the h. pylori. He said that he will check me in about a year by blowing into a tube to check to see if I am cured. I reminded him that he said he would do an MRI of my chest and abdomen if the numbness and night sweats didn't stop after treatment but now he says he will order a CAT scan of my abdomen and not chest because it would be questioned why a GI Guy would be ordering an MRI of a chest. I am not confident that I am ever going to find out what is causing the night sweats and numbness in my left arm--or maybe find out when it is too late.
After the appointment I called Carol and we went driving to Galveston. I was looking for a kayak launch on East beach somewhere. Then we came back here and had sandwiches.
Tuesday, I had to go back to work. Mostly, easy day. Wednesday, I had a kid come in from lunch with his mouth bleeding. He was eating Pizza and the two bottom teeth were loose. I pulled one of the teeth but the other kept bleeding. Finally, I pulled it, too. Both were very loose. That was a first--pulling two teeth from the same kid in the same day. I pulled one other tooth on Wednesday too. Had orchestra practice that night--now practicing for Pops and Praise. Today (Thursday) was uneventful at work. I am finishing up my acanthosis nigricans screenings.


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